Peter Norman Personnel


Wimmera Mallee irrigation area pipeline network. The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project was one of the largest water infrastructure projects in Australia, replacing 17,500 km of inefficient open channels with 9,159 km of rural pipeline. Construction commenced in November 2006 with the last pipe being laid in April 2010, well ahead of the 10 year timeframe originally proposed and within the $688M project budget. The pipeline saves on average 103 GL/yr of water and provides a continuous water supply to approximately 7,000 rural customers and 36 towns across the Wimmera and Mallee. PNP assisted GWMWater from the start of the tender period for Stage 1, commencing with the preparation of a recruitment plan for project.  PNP then provided inspection services on behalf of GWMWater, once construction commenced on Stage 1 in October 2006.  Followed by a Senior Cost Controller and a Contracts Administrator, to review the contractor’s work.  Additional cost, contracts and inspection personnel were provided as new supply systems began construction. This included validating subcontractor progress claims, monitoring progress, providing input to monthly reports, coordinating and discussing related matters with construction/project managers, and reviewing claims and variations.

Services Provided

HR officer,


cost control engineers,

contracts officer