Peter Norman Personnel


APA’s Dandenong LNG Gas Storage Facility provides gas buyers, including gas retailers, flexibility in the East Australian gas market, by providing options to manage gas supply and demand during production outages or emergencies and peak demand periods.

Strategically located on the Melbourne Inner Ring Main, the facility is ideally situated to enable the rapid vaporisation of LNG and subsequent injection of natural gas into the pipeline system.

Natural gas is taken from the Longford Dandenong Pipeline, cleaned to remove moisture and carbon dioxide, and then cooled to -163 degrees. At this temperature it becomes a liquid which is then stored in the very large onsite above-ground LNG tank. The tank can hold 680 terajoules of LNG (12,400 tonnes) and can be topped up at a rate of up to 8.2 TJ/day. To supply gas into the East Coast gas market, the LNG is warmed to be turned back into natural gas. The combined injection capacity of the plant is 237 TJ/. This is equivalent to the average daily gas consumption of 1.5 million households. The plant can be injecting into the market at full capacity within an hour of start-up. APA also sells LNG for remote applications and heavy road transport as an alternative to diesel and LPG. The facility has an LNG tanker loading capacity of around 100 tonnes of LNG per day. The facility’s onsite control centre is manned 24 hours per day. PNP has provided APA with various personnel to undertake works and both operate the facility over the years.

Services Provided

Construction superintendent,

mechanical design draftsperson,

materials expediter,

LNG controllers